Online Donor Registration

When you complete the Online Donor Registration prior to donating blood, the system will print an anonymous electronic receipt with bar
codes. Please take that receipt to the blood collection site today to complete the interview process.

  • 10-15 minutes – The Online Donor Registration will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Do not begin the registration
    until you are sure you will not be interrupted.
  • ABSOLUTE PRIVACY – You should be in a private and comfortable setting where you will not be disturbed during the
    registration. If you will be in an open area where others can hear the sound from this registration, please turn off your speakers before beginning or use
  • SAME CALENDAR DAY – You must complete the online registration on the same calendar day you plan to go to the blood
    collection site. The earliest time a valid registration receipt can be completed is 12:01AM the same day you plan to donate. If you complete the online
    registration before the earliest time, the bar coded registration receipt will not be valid and it will be necessary to complete a new registration at the
    donation site.

Click Here to Start the Registration